Month: March 2022

Latest News from Altham St. James CE Primary School


World Book Day

Both pupils and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. A great day was had by all and the children really enjoyed completing a book treasure hunt.


Yoga and Mindfulness

We have recently incorporated yoga and mindfulness into our school curriculum as a way of helping the children to prepare for the challenges they may face. We have been repeating the mantra:

I am enough.
My best is good enough.
My challenges help me grow.
I believe in myself.




Planting Jubilee Flowers Across Altham

How lovely to see the sun out! It makes us feel like Spring is on its way.

In February, we planted some rose trees at the Memorial in Altham. Our next step in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee is to plant red and white flowers in 9 flowerbeds throughout the Altham region. We hope they bring colour and happiness to all who see them.