Month: November 2023

Commemorative Service Moorfield Colliery 140 Years

On Saturday, 11th November, 2023, Altham Parish Council held a service to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the Moorfield Colliery Pit Disaster and those men and boys who tragically lost their lives on the fatal morning of Wednesday, 7th November, 1883.

The service began at the Memorial on Burnley Road, in Altham, then progressed to St James Church, then on to Altham St James C of E Primary School.

Wreaths were laid at the memorial. At the Church, all the names of those who died and their ages were read out individually (the youngest were just 10 years old and many not much older) and some individual stories were told. There were many heroes that day, including the members of the fire service who first went down to rescue people but never made it out themselves. In some cases, families lost most of their men and boys. The explosion was so loud, it could be heard on Pendle Hill. In that moment, all the community of Altham must have known exactly what it was, and what it meant.

Altham Parish Council would like to thank everyone involved in the commemoration, including St James Church, Altham St James C of E Primary School, and all the guests and members of the community who came along to pay their respects.